It’s The Little Jobs That Matter Most

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On a recent kitchen renovation while conducting other work, I noticed multiple power points around the house had small burn marks protruding from the side of the plugs. These were inside the kitchen, laundry and pool pump shed. These had all been caused by poor contacts on plugs.

Over time these plug contacts had deteriorated and had started to slowly melt the power points.

The pool pump plug had gone as far as melting the neutral (black cable) on the back of the power point and also on the plug top (as pictured above). Next time you use an appliance in your home, quickly check if these little burn marks are present. If these are present, they are the early warning signs of a possible electrical fire. Call Us, and get them changed out as soon as possible. While we are over, we can also inspect the rest of the electrical components in your home in case any other issues are present. These types of issues are more commonly found on older appliances or in older houses.

It’s worth checking. Contact us