Property Inspections – Why Bother?

Why bother?

Essentially everyone thinks, why bother fixing something that isn’t broken? Well, the thing is, you might not know it's broken until you actually get it checked. Property Inspections are really worth your while, as they highlight issues before they happen and allow you to fix them prior to being caught out. If you are buying a new home, these are great value for money as the seller must fix all defects prior to sale.

Whether your home or business is old, new or renovated, it could have some electrical issues that you may not be aware of. If you currently own a rental property, it’s a good idea to get your electrical installations checked, as you have a duty of care to those inspectionwho rent the premises from you. Your house must have two RCD's and the bedrooms must be covered by hard wired smoke alarms which must not be more than 1o years old at the time of sale or lease.

On a recent job Lumos carried out, we found an array of issues in a recently renovated house. These included poor wiring, halogen down lights that had actually started to melt their protective covers, open joints in the ceiling and a poor quality installation on a solar system that had only just been fitted... Yep there are cowboys out there.

While carrying out our Property Inspections, a few of the things we check are; the amount of roof space as physically possible for open joints and burning of insulation around down lights, we also check the switch board connections, main earthing components, light switches and power outlets for damage or inadequate operation, and of course the operation of your RCD's and position and functionality of your smoke alarms.

With our speciality test gear, we can capture the amount of current it takes to operate your RCD's and the amount of time it takes for them to disconnect the circuit in the event of a fault. These results will indicate if you have a faulty RCD as there are strict regulations to the operation of these items.

Just because your home or business hasn’t had any problems, does not mean it won't try to catch you out.

Consider getting your property checked, it will save you money and hassle down the track.

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- Lumos.