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Control your home, from your phone

Have you ever been in bed and wanted to be able to turn the lights off from your phone? Then a Fibaro home automation system is for you! We are happy to announce that we have joined in the fun with installing Fibaro. Fibaro is a home automation system that can be easily installed into your...
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Summer Loving

If you have a renovation project, then consider the addition of Fans, Lights, and Power outlets or even just the Replacement of damaged or broken electrical fittings. These small changes make all difference when the crew assembles for beers round your place, on a cool summers evening. Get your house ready for entertaining by giving...
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Property Inspections – Why Bother?

Why bother? Essentially everyone thinks, why bother fixing something that isn’t broken? Well, the thing is, you might not know it's broken until you actually get it checked. Property Inspections are really worth your while, as they highlight issues before they happen and allow you to fix them prior to being caught out. If you are...
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