Property Management

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Inspections, fault finding and upgrades are all apart of what Lumos Electrical can do to prepare for your  properties sale, lease or rental.

Lumos Electrical can help with inspections before and after a sale, to ensure all the lights, power points and associated wiring are in good condition. If something is out of the ordinary, we will inform you and explain what needs to happen in order to bring it up to our standard.

Fault finding
If you need assistance finding the cause of an electrical fault, we are experts in this field and will make sure any electrical issue is taken care of. Sometimes these can be quite tricky to find. If you have heard mice running around inside your roof space - now is the time to get them out.

Switch Board Upgrades
To meet electrical regulations, you may need to give your switchboard an upgrade. we can provide advice and the installation of new switchboard components, such as RCDS and circuit breakers to ensure your homes occupants are protected against electric shock and the appliances in your home will not cause a fire an electrical fire when the break.

Property health checks / Property Inspection Reports.
Prior to and during renting out your home, we can arrange a health check (Property Inspection Report) for any potential electrical hazards. We do this by Checking wires, fixtures, lights, circuit board connections, power points and look for anything out-of-place. We will then provide a report documenting anything that needs attention, explain those issues to you and resolve the issue for you.

If you want to have a chat about your electrical needs, give us a buzz.